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Marlou van Houdt

My name is Marlou van Houdt, currently living as a digital nomad in Asia. Prior to making the decision to live abroad, I worked as a project manager at a research agency called Valsplat, specializing in user experience (UX) research. In the summer of 2021, I graduated with a degree in Applied Psychology, with a specialization in behavior and technology. Additionally, I pursued a minor in media psychology to explore how media influence our daily lives on both individual and societal levels. My interests lie in the social impact of media and commercial UX research.

During my studies, I traveled to Australia to conduct various types of research, including my thesis, at the University of Sydney, where I worked with the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic, now known as GAMBLEAWARE. I acquired skills from senior researchers, which were applied to gambling behavior and behavioral addiction, addressing all aspects that traditional academic research requires.

Following my time at Valsplat, I delved into web design and have since built several visually appealing websites. With my focus on UX and visually attractive design, I have developed a passion for creating functional and beautiful websites. Through this, I aim to assist numerous businesses and individuals in enhancing or establishing their online presence.

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I have worked with WordPress, Wix and Elementor Pro. Overall, any CMS system is no stranger to me.

I use a number of programs to create web graphics, banners, logos and much more. I mostly use Canva and Figma.

You can see examples of my work on the portfolio page.

Interesting facts about me

I am head over heels for cheese! All types are delicious, but my ultimate favorite is blue cheese paired with a glass of red wine. Being a Dutchie, I devour cheese-packed lunch sandwiches, also known as “boterham”. Really miss those in Asia!

Dutch deep-fried snacks are my guilty pleasure! The mini-variants make it so tempting to indulge in a bunch all at once. It is a tasty adventure that never disappoints.

I thrive on learning new things. Thanks to the mighty Google, I have taught myself various skills over the years, including some basic Spanish, especially after a drink or two it seems to get better. I have also mastered web design and Figma on the go, all while tackling exciting jobs and projects.

Cats are my ultimate obsession! Whenever I spot one, I can’t resist giving them a gentle pat on the head. They’re purrfectly adorable creatures that brighten my day.


2017 - 2021

Bachelor of Applied Sciences

Applied Psychology

Saxion University

During my study, I delved into the fascinating world of human behaviour and gained practical skills to make a positive impact on people’s lives. The program provided a strong foundation in psychological theories and principles, combined with real-world applications in various professional settings. In my third- and fourth years, I needed to specialise my study and choose the Behaviour & Technology program. I learned skills such as beginner-level coding with Python, SPSS and computational thinking.



Media Psychology

University of applied sciences Utrecht

This minor included 6 months of in-depth learning on how media affects our daily lives in increasing and varying ways, on an individual and societal level. This minor was fully in English.


2020 - 2021

Internship and thesis

University of Sydney, Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic

As part of my Bachelor, I had the chance to participate in a 1-year internship, which includes the writing of a thesis. My internship was abroad at the Brain and Mind Centre’s Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic, now known as GAMBLEAWARE. This internship allowed me to gain hands-on experience in a specialized field, working alongside experts in gambling treatment and research. By immersing myself in this real-world setting, I developed invaluable skills and insights that enhanced my academic knowledge and professional prospects in the field of Applied Psychology.

2021 - 2022

Junior consultant/researcher


The role included setting up, facilitating and advising clients, conducting client and stakeholder dialogues and investigations. I was involved in the development of the organization by striving from scale-up to scale-up plus. I did event organization, marketing and recruitment processes. In addition, I was also involved in project support and strategic thinking.


2022- 2023

Project manager recruitment


Together with the hosts, I made sure that projects went well and that nothing was missing in the experience for the client and the panel. This role was operationally strong and I identified areas for improvement and solutions for projects. As a project manager, I contributed responsibility for the quality of the research. I had a close relationship with Lead operations. In addition, I thought strategically about the growth of the company and the panel.



Web designer

My first client asked me to set up a travel blog website called Before this, I designed my own website, While I was working on the travel blog I set up portfolio websites for, and In addition, I have been involved in marketing and SEO for all these websites. For more work as a web designer, I highly recommend you visit the portfolio page, where I update continually all my projects. 


WordPress & Elementor Mastery course

I recently completed a course that empowered me to build stunning websites with WordPress and Elementor. Through this experience, I also gained valuable insights into driving free traffic using SEO and email marketing techniques. The course equipped me with the necessary skills to create visually appealing websites and attract organic traffic through effective optimisation strategies. I am now eager to apply my knowledge and expertise in these areas to contribute to projects that require captivating web design and successful digital marketing campaigns.

Find my certificate here


UX Writing course

As an enthusiastic connoisseur in UX, I’m thrilled I embarked on the journey of creating impactful UX writing. The UX Writing course I took on Udemy was instrumental in equipping me with essential skills and knowledge. Through this course, I delved into the quality criteria of each UX text, gaining confidence in utilizing it in practice. Moreover, I learned the importance of practising and understanding the significance of purpose, audience, and goals in the writing process. I discovered how to breathe life into a text by experimenting with humour, clarity, usefulness, necessity, conciseness and branding. 

Find my certificate here


Advanced WordPress & Elementor Mastery course

I recently completed this course that empowered me to build dynamic websites on a more advanced level with WordPress and Elementor. Through this comprehensive course, I learned to become a true master of web design and development, enabling me to create visually stunning, fully responsive, and cutting-edge websites. With this course, I learned to be a master using flexbox containers, custom post types, fields, and taxonomies. Furthermore, I learned to inject dynamic content, build complex templates, and integrate payment buttons. I have learned to let pages come alive with animations and parallax effects. Elementor Pro empowers me to create any website, Mega Menus included. My portfolio showcases my expertise in advanced Elementor features for stunning, responsive websites.

Find my certificate here


Figma design course

As an aspiring beginner in Figma, I’m excited to create projects from start to finish. In this course, I familiarised myself with Figma’s interface and tools and got comfortable with its features. Next, I learned to carefully plan my project, defining its purpose, audience, and goals to guide my design process. Utilizing Figma’s versatile tools, I learned to bring my vision to life, experimenting with layouts, colours, and typography. Collaboration is key to refining my design along the way.

Find my certificate here

Never stop learning!

Courses currently in progress..

  • Figma Design course 2023 –