I reached out to Dionne through my mother, who happens to be a close friend and colleague of hers. During our initial meeting, I discovered that Dionne needed an e-commerce website to complement her regular business, where she sells various products. I proposed building the website for her, and after she shared her vision with me, I began the project. Dionne emphasized the importance of conveying a sense of nature and purity in the design.

Despite the challenge of showcasing her ambiguous products, we collaborated closely to present them as clearly as possible. The new website has significantly streamlined the ordering process for her customers, allowing them to place orders online instead of through WhatsApp with payment requests. All orders are automatically processed, and the shipping details seamlessly land in her inbox. I encourage you to explore the live website, as it has a sleek and organized appearance! Check the live website here.

Note: The website is written in Dutch.